Wrong ElasticSearch template being used

I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this but I am having issues with one of my logstash configurations when it is sent to elasticsearch. I am brand new to ELK and still learning how everything works.

So far, I have 2 logstash configurations setup, one is for NetFlow data and the other is for local logs (I am also using packetbeat but I don't think that is related). So, the NetFlow template works great for the NetFlow data but my issue is that when I send the local logs to Elasticsearch, it is trying to use the NetFlow template for the local logs aswell.

I am testing this with CentOS on /var/log/messages so it is typical syslog messages. I tried setting up a Grok filter but I don't even know if that is necessary (also it didn't help). Below is my configurations:

Local logs (syslog)


My templates wouldn't fit into the body: http://coriewhite.me/elasticsearchtemplates.html

Please let me know if you guys need any further information and thank you in advanced for the help!

How are you defining the Netflow template?
Also are you merging these configs?

Well, the configs are in separate files:

Not sure what you mean by defining NetFlow template but it's under the _templates like so:

curl -XGET localhost:9200/_template/logstash_netflow5?pretty

Even though these are different files, they get merged by LS at run time.
So you need to add a conditional to the output to make sure each message goes to it's correct config.

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Oo thank you! Sounds like you know what's going on. Er, do you have an example on how to do this though or a link related to this?

This is my Kibana results: http://coriewhite.me/locallog.png

I got it working! Thanks!

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