Wrong parsed field


i am using WinLogBeat 7.1.1 (but it do not work in previous version too) and there is wrong parsed field winlog.event_data.FailureReason

   	t  winlog.computer_name	SomeServer1
   	t  winlog.event_data.AuthenticationPackageName	Negotiate
 	?  **winlog.event_data.FailureReason	  %%2313**
   	t  winlog.event_data.IpAddress
   	t  winlog.event_data.IpPort	0
   	t  winlog.event_data.KeyLength	0

Can you fix this please? For now I have written my own rule to parse this information.



It's not that Winlogbeat is parsing the anything wrong. This is exactly what Windows provides callers of the API to receive events. We have an issue open to enhance Winlogbeat with the ability to enrich events with a conversion of these codes to strings. See https://github.com/elastic/beats/issues/11539.

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