Wrong path.data and path.logs for filebeat windows in installation script

I believe Windows PowerShell script install-service-filebeat.ps1contains wrong path for data and logs folder. On my Windows Server 2012R2 I see"C:\ProgramData\filebeat"and"C:\ProgramData\filebeat\logs"respectively so service is working but don't know where to write logs and where to store current file offset. I changed paths to"$workdir\data"and"$workdir\logs"` and everything start working.

filebeat-6.5.4-windows-x86_64, filebeat-6.5.4-windows-x86

Was it some kind of permissions failure? We intend for the Filebeat service to write its data to the ProgramData directory rather than the installation directory. But if you modify this it shouldn't cause any issues.

Sorry, but I don't know reason why. "ProgramData" directory was missing and I had no "data" and "logs" directories.

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