Filebeat install script for windows is broken

(red der) #1

I tried to use the powershell install script, but it created a service that would not start.

Then i looked at the script and the service and found extra slash erroneously put in there

# create new service
New-Service -name filebeat -displayName filebeat
-binaryPathName ""$workdir\\filebeat.exe" -c "$workdir\\filebeat.yml" -path.home "$workdir" "C:\\ProgramData\\filebeat" -path.logs "C:\\ProgramData\\filebeat\logs""

And the service:

(Adrian Serrano) #2

Is filebeat service failing to start for you?

I can confirm the double-slashes are there but this isn't causing any problems and the service starts and stops as expected. Double-slashes for a directory are hardly a problem.

(red der) #3

I was wrong it was a syntax error, still dont know how to delete posts :frowning:

(system) #4

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