Wrong regions shown for Administrative regions in elastic maps

The region shown for Telangana is Andhra Pradesh and the region shown for Andhra Pradesh is Telangana. Shown in the screenshots below.

The region name and ISO code is of Andhra Pradesh but the map shows Telangana region for IN-AP. For IN-TG (Telangana), the region shown in maps is of Andhra Pradesh.

For the region GB-LND, the map shows the region name as city which needs to be corrected.

This issue makes it difficult to locate the region.
Please let know the timeline of the fix for this.

Hi @Sinchana_P. Thanks for reporting the errors! We should be able to fix this soon. I've opened a couple of issues where we will track this.

Hi @nickpeihl, thanks for opening the issues. Please let know about the timeline of the fix.

+1 for this fix

Hi, do we have any update on this?

Hi, I've worked on fixing these data issues. We have a pull request in review and I hope the fixes will be in production soon:

Thanks for your patience.

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