Wrong timestamp from metricbeat 6.3.0


I have no idea what can be wrong, but timestamp for data sent by metricbeat is incorrect. i did double check elasticsearch and server date and time that is set.

  • On server PC my time is lets say 12:30 pm CEST
  • In docker container running elasticsearch my time is almost the same maybe +/- 10 seconds

Yet data that is send from MetricBeat has timestamp that is 9 hours later so it shows 21:30 pm CEST in Kibana for all upcoming data.

It looks like a you're using a different timezone in Kibana that is offsetting events by 9h.

What is the timezone configured for dateFormat:tz in Management -> Advanced Settings?

By default is your browser's timezone, so check that, too.

Sorry for late reply, It has "Browser" value so i assume it takes time and date from my browser that uses my PC system time and my PC date and time are correct

So to make things clear, what is the Timezone currently set up in your PC?

Currently on all servers that run elk and on my PC it is UTC+01:00

Can you run metricbeat in debug mode (-d '*') and send us the logs with a few published events?

I did run debug, sadly too many data are logged that are quite private. Right now after running for a bit metricbeat is working as it should. Sometimes there is issue where I need to set 30 last minutes to see results on autogenerated dashboard because on 15 minutes there is nothing, but so far works ok. I will let you know if this breaks again and will try to clean up logs from private stuff but as mentioned for now works fine again. Anyway thank you for all the help.

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