X-Pack 6.2.1 and Ingest Nodes

Whether it is mandatory to have the Ingest Nodes for X-Pack to work? I have seen the issue while using the X-Pack without the ingest nodes and have to mark the data nodes as ingest as well.

X-Pack will install a couple ingest pipelines related to Monitoring. Ingest pipelines are executed on nodes which have the ingest role enabled, so for X-Pack to work you will require ingest-enabled nodes in your cluster.

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Sure. Thanks for your quick reply.

We don't have any pipelines which needs to be executed on the Ingest Nodes as the logstash is taking care of processing the data. So only to process default Ingest Pipelines we have to have the additional nodes with Ingest role. So would like to know what would be the typical hardware configuration with respect to the RAM, Disk Space and CPU for the Ingest nodes in a multi node cluster environment.

If all you have are the default x-pack installed default pipelines, just enable ingest on your data nodes and don't worry about it. You will not even notice it.

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