X-pack-async-search and flattened jars are not available in maven repository

We want to use basic elastic license for (7.9.3). Although x-pack-core is available in maven repository but we are unable to find few jars like x-pack-async-search and flattened. Can we build these jars or is there any way to get these jars.


can you explain what you need the jar for and what you are trying to achieve, that you cannot do otherwise? Just to be sure to understand the problem that you are facing.

Note, that in more recent versions, the code moved into the core and is part of the regular Elasticsearch dependency.


Thanks @spinscale for your response.
In our project we are using the precompiled jars present in https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.elasticsearch/elasticsearch/7.9.3 and for plugins we are using the plugins exposed in https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.elasticsearch.plugin . Till now we were using Apache 2 license. But now we want to move to Basic and Free Open Source Elastic 2 license. We cannot see (x-pack-async-search and flattened) plugins present in maven repository. Is there any way to get these plugins.

Sorry, I probably was not clear enough. When you they that you are 'using' the plugins. What parts exactly are you using, which code from that plugins do you want to use? Looking at the flattened code, everything in there is not needed for client side applications, but for the server side, thus my question, why you need those.

Can you share some code?

Actually we are using elasticsearch precompiled jars to start elasticsearch server. We are not installing the elasticsearch package. I require these dependencies in server side. Please find my sample code.

   org.elasticsearch.node.Node node;	
	Collection esPlugins = Arrays.asList(
						Netty4Plugin.class, ParentJoinPlugin.class, PainlessPlugin.class, ReindexPlugin.class ,
						CommonAnalysisPlugin.class, GeoPlugin.class, XPackPlugin.class);
	node = new PluginConfigurableNode(settings, pathConfig, hostname, esPlugins);

And for each plugin we add we need to add the dependency present in maven repository. But I am unable to add FlattenedMapperPlugin.class, AsyncSearch.class as the dependencies are not exposed in maven repo.(https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.elasticsearch.plugin)

Thanks a ton for clarifying! This way of starting Elasticsearch is not supported and requires quite a bit of maintenance for every version upgrade, when classes are moved around (which happens quite a bit everyday, as. they are not supposed to be used outside of the code).

Is this test code or production code?

Thanks a lot for clarifying. We will change the way of starting elasticsearch server. This is a production code written long back. For the time being, can we build these jars from the source code ? I mean is it allowed legally if we use Basic and Free Open Source Elastic 2 license(7.9.3).

This depends on how you use Elasticsearch (mostly this is not a problem at all). I do not know what service you are running exactly, so I highly recommend reading FAQ on Elastic License 2.0 (ELv2) | Elastic

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