X-Pack check on oss Docker image?

We're running a managed AWS Elasticsearch cluster — not ideal, but that's life — and run most the rest of our stuff with Kubernetes. We recently upgraded our cluster to Elasticsearch 7, so I wanted to upgrade the Filebeat service we have running on the Kubernetes nodes to capture logs.

I've specified image: docker.elastic.co/beats/filebeat-oss:7.3.1 in my daemon configuration, but I still see

Connection marked as failed because the onConnect callback failed: request checking for ILM availability failed: 401 Unauthorized: {"Message":"Your request: '/_xpack' is not allowed."}

in the logs. Same thing when I've tried other 7.x images. A bug? Or something that's new in v7?

The license file is an Apache License, and the build when I do filebeat version inside the container is a4be71b90ce3e3b8213b616adfcd9e455513da45.

For the search engines, I figured this out and posted my answer here on Stack Overflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57836793/mysterious-filebeat-7-x-pack-issue-using-docker-image/57874465#57874465

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