X-pack data masking

Hi there!

I'd like to show the values of a field only if it is equal to a certain value, otherwise an alias must be shown. This must work on a per-user basis.

It means:

I have a field car_maker that can be equal to "BRAND1", "BRAND2", "BRAND3".
If the admin (of another user with proper permissions) visualizes the data, he can see all the above-mentioned values.

If a user "customer" accesses the data, he can see the values with the explicit car_maker field only if it is equal to "BRAND1", otherwise "unknown1", "unknown2" must replace "BRAND2" and "BRAND3".

This must be accomplished on the overall architecture (e.g. on both Discover and any Dashboard or Visualization) over several countries. So if the previous example refers to country Italy, if the "customer" user decides to see the Germany Dashboard (in Germany the car_maker field can be "BRAND1", "BRAND4") again he must only be allowed to see the value if it is equal to "BRAND1" and see "unknown1" instead of "BRAND4".

Is there a way to accomplish such a task?

Thank you

Hi @Fabio-sama,

I feels like what you're looking for is Document level security and Field level security. I'm not sure about changing "BRAND1" to "unknown" on the fly though but you can definitely limit docs that are available to a particular role based on the query (e.g. customer role gives access only to documents with BRAND2).

If you combine that with Spaces you can organize and secure your data even better.

I'd encourage you to experiment with these features and get back if you still have any questions.


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