X-Pack License Requirement


I am googling around the x-pack license thing and i seem to find it a bit confusing. My requirement is to use the feature to restrict user to a dashboard with a read only privilege and create superadmins which allows them to edit it. I was following a blog post on this kibana-dashboard-only-mode

Do i need to purchase x-pack for this requirement what i have? Is there any alternative to this?


Dashboard Only Mode is built on top of X-Pack security roles, which require a Gold or Platinum license.

See Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic for details on what (high level) features are enabled by each license type.

Is there any alternative to this?

Elastic Cloud provides most (*) of the X-Pack features with pay-by-the-month options.

(*) There's a few things that aren't currently supported on cloud, such as custom realms, AD integration and Machine Learning, but we're working hard to make more of those options available to our Cloud customers.

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