X-Pack -"Monitoring: Error 400 Bad Request: Request Timeout after 60000ms"


Got a problem where when I click on the monitoring icon I get the dreaded red bar fatal error...

Fatal Error
Monitoring: Error 400 Bad Request: Request Timeout after 60000ms
Version: 5.3.1
Build: 14844

Can anybody please suggest what I can possibly do to make this not happen.

I'm on 5.3.1 ES, LS, Kib, X-Pack.. running on Ubuntu 16.04.

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HI James

I will try and reproduce your problem on 5.3.1 build, but in the mean time, can you make sure your ElasticSearch instance is not under heavy load or excessive garbage collection.

In that case , you probably need more resource for you ElasticSearch installation, you can turn up the timeout in the config file, but that will only help so much.



Hi Thanks.

My 2 data nodes have 16GB physical memory.
Looks like somebody had adjusted the JVM heap size to be 16GB as well!
I have set this to 12GB and things are behaving much better now.... no crashes.

My ES nodes are are on a vm host that is very low on memory. Will be rectifying that shortly.

Thanks for your help.

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