X-Pack monitoring with different rates depending on zoom level

Charts report different rates depending on the period.
This apply to all X-pack monitoring charts from Kibana.

Here is an example with "Beat" monitoring, with the period " week to date":

Did I really process more than 600 000 events/s the 4th of April? :slight_smile:

Let's zoom on that day:

ok so now it says it's 300 000 events/s? still crazy number :slight_smile:
Let's zoom again:

much more reasonnable,
But let's zoom again becasue I don't remember this rate:

Up to 15k e/s, this one is correct :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bug right?
The same apply to Elasticsearch and logstash, but this time it increases while I reduce the period. Weekto date with LS:

If I zoom max:

The latter is correct, I remember this test, I was checking with iostats and the metric logstahs plugin at the same time.

ELK Version 6.2.3 hosted on Docker 18.03.0-ce
Filebeat Version 6.2.3 hosted on CentOS 7

Hello @webrod,

We are aware of the issue with these charts and we are working on a fix, I don't know when it will be fixed.
Thanks for reporting

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