X-Pack run_as

I'm trying to use the run_as feature of x-pack. But I cannot hand over the user that should be taken. I'm using elasticsearch 5.3 with x-pack and the nodejs api.

I tried to enrich the constructor with the header attribute "es-security-runas-user", but it seems not to be working.

var client = new elasticsearch.Client({
host: {
protocol: 'http',
host : "localhost",
port : "9200",
auth : "user:pwd",
headers: {
"es-security-runas-user" : "bob"
log: [{
type: 'stdio',
levels: ['error', 'warning']

Any idea?
Thanks for your help.

I have moved your question to the X-Pack forum.

Can you provide more detail?

  • What roles does "user" have?
  • What run_as privileges do those roles have?
  • What does "it seems not to be working" mean? Are there any errors reported?
  • Have you tried using curl or the kibana console instead of the nodejs API to check that you have configured everything correctly?

Hi TimV,
thanks for your response. I just found the solution. It is a bug in 5.3 and solved with 5.5.0
Regards Christian

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