X-Pack Security and Azure Active Directory


Do you know if X-Pack Security works with Azure Acitve Directory?

AFAIK Azure AD is not a full version of on-premise Active Directory (i.e. it's not a domain controller), but I haven't found any information in documentation ( https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/current/active-directory-realm.html )

Did you manage to set up such a integration?


There is no built-in support for Azure AD, but it should be possible to build a custom realm to interface to Azure AD.

Azure Active Directory doesn't really have much in common with on-premises Active Directory (other than a name and some overlap in the features they provide). Specifically Azure AD isn't an LDAP/X.500 directory, so it is not possible to use the X-Pack AD realm to talk to Azure AD.

Thank you @TimV.

My understanding of custom realm is that it requires deployment of custom code writen in Java. Am I right?

Do you know if such a custom realm deployment is possible in Elastic Cloud?


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