X-Pack Security: no pw for beats_system?

Hi all,
thanks for making X-Pack Security free with 7.1.
I am trying to set it up right now.
I don't want to need a password for the monitoirng beats data, so how can I disable the need for a password for the beats_system user ?


It is not possible to have a user without a password.

What exactly are you trying to achieve here?

Basically I am trying to archive to not needing a password for the beats.
But when this is not possible, let me ask my question in other words:
Which priviliges do I have to give a role named "beats", where the beats are only allowed to write into elasticsearch (with templates, monitoring and everything else, what beats do) but no read rights?

Let's back up a moment.

Why do you want to not have a password for this? I can probably help you solve you problem, but I want to turn on security but then have a user that doesn't need to authenticate doesn't make much sense to me.

If you can explain your reasoning for this, I might be able to get you the answer you need.

I thought it would be able to let a "beat" just push into elastic, so I don't have to edit all configs of my beats in the whole network. But as it is necessary, I only want the beats to be able to write into elastic and let them import dashboards, but no read rights.

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