X-ProxiedEntitiesChain - Has anyone used it in a heartbeat?


I'm trying to get a check.request to a RESTful endpoint, using GET and headers of Accept and X-ProxiedEntitiesChain, but I can't seem to pass across the Chain correctly to get authorisation.

I'm using -

Accept: 'application/json'
X-ProxiedEntitiesChain: 'CN=122445,OU=etc etc,OU=etc etc,O=xyz,C=GB'

But it still doesn't want to authorise, if I remove that line and just use the default cert the RESTful service prompts me correctly, so I feel the rest of my syntax is OK

The same query works with curl using -H for both headers.

Any help greatly appreciated.

This can happen because Elastic-Heartbeat doesn't preserve the case of headers that are set explicitly. So if you are searching for HTTP:X-ProxiedEntitiesChain as an exact match, you may not find it.

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