Xfs_quota not working

I'm having issues getting quotas working in ece. version 2.0.1

I'm getting the following error in the allocator.log file:

[2019-01-31 14:44:02,569][WARN ][no.found.runner.managers.XFSQuotaManager] Command [[sudo, -n, xfs_quota, -x, -c, limit -p bhard=4096m rtbhard=4096m 17851, /local]] returned status code [0]] with output: [E: [xfs_quota: cannot setup path for mount /local: No such device or address], E: [xfs_quota: cannot setup path for mount /local: No such device or address]] {}

It seems to be complaining about setting it up for /local however /local is not my data path. it is /local/elastic-cloud

bash-4.2$ mount|grep local
/dev/mapper/vg_elastic_cloud-ece on /local/elastic-cloud type xfs 

If i run the command with the correct filesystem it creates the quota as expected:

15:15:17 # xfs_quota -x -c 'limit -p bhard=4096m rtbhard=4096m 17851' /local/elastic-cloud

15:15:17 # xfs_quota -x -c 'report -h ' /local/elastic-cloud
Project quota on /local/elastic-cloud (/dev/mapper/vg_elastic_cloud-ece)
Project ID   Used   Soft   Hard Warn/Grace
---------- ---------------------------------
#0          45.6M      0      0  00 [------]
#17851          0      0     4G  00 [------]

Did you specify data path when you install ece?

Can you list your directory under /local ?


I specified the data path as /local/elastic-cloud

the only contents of the /local directory is elastic-cloud

Hi @darren.skinner

Looking at the code, it appears that you can't use the host storage path as the root of a volume.

Eg if you want ECE to use /local/elastic-cloud then the XFS root must be /local. If that's not possible then everything needs to move up by one, eg the volume could be /local/xfs and then --host-storage-path could be /local/xfs/elastic-cloud

I didn't know this until just now when I looked, and it doesn't seem to be documented anywhere - that's something we'll look into.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


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