Xip.io should include public network

Hi guys,
I've beed tring ECE alpha4, and client cannot reach elasticsearch cluster.

Endpoint URL shows like that.
https://.<Host IP's net>.xip.io:......

I think that public network(comes from "Public Hostname") is reachable from customer, and private network(comes from "Host IP") should be hidden from customer.

Do I have any misunderstanding ? Please have your comment.


Hi @m-kiuchi

In general, cluster URLs are in the form of <cluster id>.<CNAME>. The CNAME should resolve in the customer's environment to either an ECE proxy or a load balancer that fronts one or more ECE proxies, using a wildcard DNS entry.
By default, to allow for easier testing, we mimicked that by using a service called xip.io. xip.io provides a generic wildcard DNS service, so for example if you query a hostname like 1234rdsfascd. it will resolve to This is just a simple way of providing a reasonable out of the box experience without requiring you to define wildcard DNS entries when you're only evaluating ECE. It does however require the host that access the cluster to have internet connectivity so it can reach xip.io, and it needs to be able to route to the proxy IP address as returned by xip.io (in the example above that would be

Note that since we encountered a few cases where xip.io was intermittently unavailable, in the upcoming beta release we will replace xip.io with an Elastic owned service that does the same thing (ip.es.io).


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