Xpack license in 6.41

x-pack package in ELK version 5.1.2 release is not free.It comes with 30 days trial version. I heard that the x-pack package for the 6.4.1 release is free. Is that correct or we just get 30 days free trial version with 6.4.1

While the code for X-Pack is available in a public repository, we do not claim that it is "Open Source". See Subscriptions about the different features available.

The default distribution of Elasticsearch includes all of X-Pack, but the default license is "basic".

You can activate a free trial of the commercial features via Kibana (Management -> License) or via the API.

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Can i use Xpack on version 6.3. Is it free?

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X-Pack has a number of features, that require different license levels.

On 6.3 (or 6.4), you can

  1. Use some of the X-Pack features under the default, free, "basic" license that never expires.
  2. Use all of the X-Pack features free for 30 days under the "trial" license.
  3. Purchase a Gold or Platinum subscription to obtain ongoing access to commercial features.
  4. Download versions of Elasticsearch & Kibana that do not have X-Pack installed (OSS versions)

The explanation of which features are available under each license is on the subscriptions page that @dadoonet has already linked.


Okay, I see

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On 6.2 X-Pack is 100% free? Right?

No, X-Pack has never been free, but it does have a free tier license.

The way that license works changed in 6.3, which is why I referred to that version in my answer, but most features in X-Pack require, and have always required, a paid license.

Okay, I see

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