Yellow status sfter creating cluster

in the past I had one elasticsearch and today I created another node the cluster created. when I run
GET /_cat/health?v
I got status YELLOW. How I will make the status GREEN

Add more nodes or decrease the number of replicas


I think some terms need to be defined or redefined:

A node is an instance of Elasticsearch.
A cluster is a collection of one or more node.

In your case I believe you created a new index. An index by default is created with 5 primary shards and one replica for every one of those shard. If you have only one node, your replicas cannot be allocated, resulting in a yellow cluster. As David says the solution would be to set your number of replica to zero or to add one more node.

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I am using the default shards and replica numbers (5 shareds and 1 replica)

What is the equation of replica with number of nodes??

A primary and a replica (of the same shard) cannot be allocated to the same node (it would be useless).

Like often when it comes to architecture: it will depend on different factors like how many server do you expect to fail and so on.

To allocate replicas, you need more than one node.

Replicas are not going to be allocated on the same node as primaries as it is pretty much useless.

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