Yet another issue using Kibana API to import Dashboard

I've read thru all the previous posts on the subject, and every google result I can find, but still can't get this running. I was provided a json file of Dashboard configuration to load into my environment.

Kibana version: 6.7.1

this is the command I'm running:

curl -k -XPOST 'http://localhost:5601/api/kibana/dashboards/import' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H "kbn-xsrf: true" -d Dashboards_6.x.json

This is my error:

Error: {{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Invalid request payload JSON format"}

Some posts have said the @ is required before the json filename, so when I try that, i get the following error:

{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":""value" must be an object","validation":{"source":"payload","keys":["value"]}}

Help!! thanks in advance!

Hello @skiefer Is it possible to upgrade to a newer version?

I thought about that, but it seems like this functionality should be supported. Upgrade seemed like a pretty big task, let me look thru those instructions again.

Ok, well I know you're on 6.7.1. What kind of host(s) are you running this on?
Also, what are the status pages returning?

Running on Ubuntu. Status page shows Green.

From where? What does it look like?

FYI that's EOL, so technically unsupported.

OK, got the system updated to the latest version and was able to do the import using the ndjson file and importing thru the Kibana UI. Thanks for the help.

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