Zabbix output plugin not reporting to

I want to send simple metric values to a zabbix server.

I am creating some metrics via the respective plugin and also adding the fields required by the zabbix plugin:

	if "paloalto" in [tags] {
		metrics {
      		meter => "events_paloalto"
      		flush_interval => 60
      		add_tag => "metric_paloalto"
					add_field => [ "[zabbix_host]", "my-logstash-host" ]
					add_field => [ "[zabbix_key]", "paloalto_rate_1m" ]

and sending the output to zabbix as follows:

  zabbix {
    zabbix_host => "zabbix_host"
    zabbix_server_host => "my-zabbix-server-hostname"
    zabbix_server_port => 10050
    zabbix_key => "zabbix_key"
    zabbix_value => 5
    timeout => 3

However no value appears on my zabbix server:

(no error logs on logstash whatsoever

How can I further troubleshoot this?

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