Zabbix plugin error about missing field

I am trying to send a simple value to a zabbix server.

Here is my configuration:

  zabbix {
    zabbix_host => "ip-resolvable-hostname-of-the-host-on-which-logstash-is-running"
    zabbix_server_host => "hostname-of-my-zabbix-server"
    zabbix_server_port => 10050
    zabbix_key => "[events_paloalto][rate_1m]"
    # zabbix_value => "[events_paloalto]][rate_1m]"

(the above field does appear in my elasticsearch)

However in my logstash logs :

[2019-01-31T12:01:08,696][WARN ][logstash.outputs.zabbix ] Field referenced by ip-resolvable-hostname-of-the-host-on-which-logstash-is-running is missing


I have also tried to add in the zabbix_key field a value that just matches the item I am manually creating on my zabbix server (e.g. somekeyname) but I get the same error.

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