Zend discovery feature of es to avoid split brain problem and heap memory usage of ES

Hi All,

I have few doubts in es,how es managing heap memory.

 my cluster have following configurations all three nodes are master 

and data eligible in my cluster

  node 1  : 12 GB Heap       total RAM : 24 GB
  node 2  : 12 GB Heap       total RAM : 24 GB
  node 3  : 12 GB Heap       total RAM : 24 GB

      I have an idea how elasticsearch will serve requests by sending 

requests to all nodes in a cluster but now my question is how elasticsearch
will manage heap space when serving requests. is it manage, load by using
heap space from all three servers ? How it will manage heap space


       to avoid split brain i need to add following properties to 

elasticsearch.yml file.

              discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes : 2
              discovery.zen.ping.timeout: 3 

         All three nodes in my cluster master and data eligible so is 

it required to add the above properties in all three nodes(in
elasticsearch.yml file ) in my cluster?

         please help me in this concepts.


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