Zero results for Geodistance filter

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I am using elasticSearch's Java API. What I want to do, is search for posts
that are around a certain point on in a city. Thus each post has a
coordinates field. Here's my code to achieve the mapping:

String mappingString =
        +    "\"posts\" : {"
        +        "\"properties\" : {"
        +            "\"coordinates\" : {"
        +                "\"type\" : \"geo_point\""
        +            "}"
        +        "}"
        +    "}"


And here's the code I use for querying ElasticSearch:

GeoDistanceFilterBuilder gdFilter =   

.point(lon, lat)
.distance(distanceInMeters, DistanceUnit.METERS)

SearchResponse response = Client.prepareSearch("posts")

I verified with ElasticSearch Head that I indeed have posts in the index
that should pass the filter. But whatever values I use for the variables in
the query and the filter, I always get zero results. If I comment out
"setFilter(gdFilter)" I receive results, so the issue should be with the
filter or the mapping, I guess.

Can someone see, what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks!

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