Zoning vs using several clusters

Hi, everyone,

In our cluster, we have several types of rather complex documents and are
contemplating the possibility to separate them.

As far as I know, we have two possibilities :

  1. Using routing to create "zones" on our cluster, and indexing each type
    of document to its defined zone.

    • That would make for easier maintenance; for we would only have one
      cluster to take care of.

    • Our web appication would only need one client as well.

    • this allows for transversal requests (IE requests on all types of
      documents at once)


    • However, if our cluster suffers from the dreaded split-brain (yes, we
      still have it despite using proper configuration, due to network problems),
      all our indices and all our indexation processes are impacted, thus, all
      our data is at risk, and our web-app is utterly unusable.

  2. Using a cluster per document type

    • a bit of split-brain resilience. A cluster entering split brain would
      only inpact its own type of document, thus lowering the overall risk.

    • That would allow us to close parts of our webapp, leaving others open.


    • No more transversal request (we are not using them, so, not really a
      con, for us)

    • slightly more complex web app . (needs one client per cluster and we
      need to make sure we are using the proper one)

    • harder ES maintenance. (would need eyes on every ones of these clusters

My understanding of ES leads me to believe that both method would be
equally efficient requesting-wise and indexing-wise (tough I could be

So, we wonder :

_is there any other benefits using routing instead over using several
_Am I right to think that using either method will be the same

Any insight/advice on that matter would be a tremendous help.

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