_parent in the fields search to return more than the "id"

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is it possible to return more information about the parent in the
child. Just limiting to the "id" information alone seems to less

I am trying to do something like this.

I am modeling opportunities which are related to customers. So what i
want to do is, whenever i query for opportunities, i would like to get
more information about the customer data in the opportunity search
list (like name and address etc).

Also, another question with respect to parent/child. Is the mapping
that related parent - child relations, the name "_parent" - is this
something predefined and hardwired in the code or can i defined any
name for this relation. I am trying to do more like associations in my
use case, so that i can have opportunities associated to customers and
also opportunities associated with users who deals with them.

I wanted to defined the metadata with multiple association to
different types and publish opportunities against these associations.
How can i achieve this ?

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