FEATURE REQUEST: parent.field query support for query_string queries

I am requesting that query_string queries be able to specify parent fields as part of the query_string query. This should not cause any scaling challenges as parent-child mapping ensures that both documents will be located on the same shard, the syntax is well supported for nested data, and this is an intuitive use case for parent mappings.

Currently there are two terrible ways to return Children based on search criteria for Parents:

  1. use the has_parent query construct - fine if you are able to build a single query use case, but virtually unusable if you are providing functionality to a user-facing search UI
  2. nest the parent metadata into the each child - defeats the whole purpose of parent-child mapping, and requires every child to be updated anytime a parent record changes

If there is some technical reason this cannot be accomplished, please advise. If this is a feature others could use, please leave a +1 to get this issue some attention.


Thanks for this request, please do also raise it on the Github repo - https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/ :slight_smile:


Thanks @warkolm Here is the github tracking case: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/16551