0.90 - how to configure properly?


as anticipation is growing I guess most of us tried out 0.90.RC to get some
impressions and compare it to 0.20. First obvious thing to notice is that
indices are a lot smaller (something I like ;-)). Second thing I noticed is
a bunch of more staticstics about different cache types. I am not sure
about default values (size, type, ttl, stuff like that), but my first
simple tests (boolquery, termquery) dont seem to use the cache. So as I
havent found any documentation about it: can you give us some hints on how
to configure a cluster properly with 0.90? What are configuration side the
differences I have to watch for? What can be configured in elasticsearc.yml
and what using the update settings (or any other) API? Some hints and
thoughts on this would probably be helpful to several people. Or is some
config documentation already planned for release date?

Thanks in advance!

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