2 agents on a machine?

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of putting 2 elastic agents on a machine?
We've got a client who is using elastic for monitoring, and we need to have the elastic agent on for security.. this is on Microsoft Windows servers

Is this even at all possible, or potentially another way to get the data for Elasticsearch to work and generate alerts? I wondered whether two agents with different install paths, e.g. customer on default install path, and ours in a different directory.

I don't think this is possible even if you have one that is managed by fleet and another that is standalone, from the documentation you cannot change the installation path.

But they are monitoring using Elastic Agent or Metricbeat? If it Elastic Agent, then you cannot install another agent on this server, if it is Metricbeat, then there will be no issue installing the Elastic Agent.

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