2 Nodes crashed, how to get last Node up an running

I'm running Elastic 7.13.3 in a 3 Node Cluster Environment on Windows at a Customer where within 3-4 hours two SSD's failed to operate and from 3 Nodes only one Node is still up an running although i can not access this Node since it's saying that no Master Node can be elected - this is true indeed since 2 Nodes are off and i was thinking that since i've got 2 replicas of every shard this should be easy - even if 2 nodes are failing, one Node is still operable - so my question ist, how to get this Node running (i tried to change the .yml file, and even to start another node with no data but no success) - is there a way to start a single node and have a least this one up and running?

I was wandering, wouldn't it be better to have 3 single Clusters with 1 Node and distribute the Data between these Nodes so there wouldn't be such a uncomfortable situation ...?

Thanks Andy

You probably need to look at the elasticsearch-node utility. Have not had to use it myself though so will not be much help.

Thanks Christian, i'm really worried about the data since i can start the node but it is not accessible since it's always saying no master node could be elected although i've reduced the cluster to node in the .yml file - there might be something in the data which could lead to this issue? i don't know but i might do something wrong!

If a majority of master eligible nodes have been lost there is no dafe way to get the cluster back up. The docs I linked to recommends setting up a new cluster and restore from a snapshot. If this is not possible you may need to use the utility I linked to perform an unsafe bootstrap, which could lead to data loss. I have never had to do this so will leave it to others with more practical experience in this area to comment/provide feedback.

Thank you very much Christian, i really appreciate your help and will provice follow up infos on how to deal with such a case which is very unlikely but unfortunatly real!

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