How to enable cluster with 3 master node and lost 2 nodes to work again

I was having 3 nodes all are master eligible and I lost 2 node from them, I google to find a solution, but nothing is clear to me.

Note: The current node has a data folder which I can't delete it.

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What version of Elasticsearch are you running?

Thanks :smiley: , I am using version 7.12

Where the 3 nodes also data nodes?

What do you mean with lost? Can't you bring at least one of the nodes back?

Without bringing a node back I'm not sure that it is possible to recover your cluster, as it is explained in this answer to a similar question.

Maybe you can use the elasticsearch-node tool to try to recover your data, but be advised that this is not safe and can lead to data loss.

I've never used this tool, so I can not provide more information about it, but the documentation explain what it will try to do and how to use it.

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Thanks Lendro, you saved my life. I used Elasticsearch-node unsafe-bootstrap and it start the node again :smiley: .

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