3 GB Shapefiles of the whole Earth. Can ES display this?

So, I haven't used this shapefile yet as I was wondering if anyone else has attempted what I'm about to do. I'm on i57200 laptop with 32GB of RAM so I assume I have enough?

What I was confused about is if I try to print out the globe and all its wards and districts will ES be smart enough to know I only care about high frequency information and not so much the straight lines? What I would like is when fully zoomed out I can see countrys, and as I zoom in maybe a countrys states/provinces/countys will display and then once zooming in further the districts will display.

I want to display this shape file on a browser using JS but if ES delivers all the data at once it will probably crash my browser. Like Google Earth increases resolution as you zoom in can this be done with ES? Or am I going to have to implement this behaviour myself?


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