3 Node Sankey Diagram

Anybody have a Vega framework or example that would create a 3 (or more) node Sankey diagram? I have the example code from the blog for two nodes but I can't figure out how to fully adapt it to 3 nodes. I've managed to create 3 column labels and data labels but no connecting lines...see below for example of where I am.

code on Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gWtFP0xJ


Yes, here's a blog article written by an Elastic Team Member with accompanying code: https://nyurik.github.io/Vega-Sankey-Graph-for-Kibana/

Hope that helps!


That's only two nodes and what I was referencing for the starting code.

I got something that works...though I don't know if I have extraneous stuff in there. I would like the lines going from the middle column to the right column to not be straight and look more like the left to middle column lines, if anybody knows how to do that.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/uYfan4WU

I actually chatted with the blog author about this. He's our authority on Vega-related issues. He actually hasn't been able to successfully achieve what you're attempting using Vega. Not that it's necessarily impossible though! If you have some success, it would be a great benefit to the community if you'd be willing to share!


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