Sankey Chart

Is it possible to create 4 level (or more ) sankey chart?

You can do this with Vega but its not easy.
Here is an sankey chart example you can start with

Thank You, Felix!
I tried 4 stacks (4 levels) Sankey chart. Links between stack1 and stack2 (level1 and level2) are properly connected ie crosslinks are also present. But, links between stack2 to stack3 and stack3 to stack4 are not properly connected. Only straight links are connected (no cross links present.)
please, refer to the below image all the links should be similar to links between the first and second stack (stk1 and stk2).
please, suggest.!
Code:Sankey/sankey@4.txt at main · ashvinbhutekar/Sankey · GitHub

Sorry can't help you more, have a look at this

I am able to achieve this.

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Hi @Ashvin_Bhutekar,
great result!
Could you share your code with us, please?
Thanks in advance...

Looks great. Could you share the code?

link for code: Sankey/sankey_7level at main · ashvinbhutekar/Sankey · GitHub

Thank you so much @Ashvin_Bhutekar
You saved my day
Now I've to learn from your script.

Welcome @cpu

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