403 in Discover View

Hey, we trying to implement the ELK Stack (8.7.1) in an AKS via Helm Charts. We are using an NGINX controller to reverse proxy our request and are loadbalancing the requests with an application gateway.
We are able to receive our logs in the devConsole, so we are pretty sure, that filebeat, logstash and elasticsearch is setup up correctly.
Our problem is that we are not able to use the discover page. There we are getting a 403 error in an popup.

The error seems to occur when /internal/bsearch is called.
Also strange is, when we copy the profile in the inspect panel and use it in the SearchProfiler, the request also fails. when we reduce the "fragment_size": 2147483647 by 1 the request goes through.

Further we get an cookie-session-storage error in the logs but google didn't provide anything useful regarding this error so far.

[2023-06-27T09:43:15.770+00:00][DEBUG][http.server.Kibana.cookie-session-storage] Error: Unauthorized
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.771+00:00][DEBUG][plugins.security.basic.basic] Trying to authenticate user request to /
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.773+00:00][DEBUG][plugins.security.basic.basic] Redirecting request to Login page.
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.784+00:00][DEBUG][http.server.response] GET / 302 25ms 
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.788+00:00][DEBUG][http.server.Kibana.cookie-session-storage] Error: Unauthorized
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.788+00:00][DEBUG][plugins.security.basic.basic] Trying to authenticate user request to /login?next=%2Fkibana%2F.
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.789+00:00][DEBUG][plugins.security.http] Trying to authenticate user request to /login?next=%2Fkibana%2F.
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.789+00:00][DEBUG][plugins.security.http] Authorization header is not presented.
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.790+00:00][DEBUG][plugins.security.authentication] Could not handle authentication attempt
[2023-06-27T09:43:15.824+00:00][DEBUG][http.server.response] GET /login?next=%2Fkibana%2F 200 38ms - 90.0KB
[2023-06-27T09:43:16.228+00:00][DEBUG][elasticsearch.query.data] 200 - 228.0B 

Do you have any idea what we can do about it?

Are you able to visit the /status page of your Kibana server?

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