[5.3.1] null_pointer_exception

Hello folks,

Weird issue, posting here before raising a ticket, fresh install 5.3.1 (1 master, 3 data, 1 client)

@dadoonet you might have an idea !

Creating empty index w/ template, delete, recreate gave the following error :

"reason":"Mapping definition for [suggester_name] has unsupported parameters:  [payloads : true]"}]

On master node : if running _cat/indices || _cat/shards which should result in an empty result it returns in the logs :

java.lang.NullPointerException: null

I saw that that issue has been encountered in 2.4 but it seems to be back,
Restarting Elasticsearch on all nodes didn't change anything. I will try to purge all DATA_DIR and give it a try.


Cleaning all DATA_DIR on the master and data nodes solved the issue.

Will raise a ticket if necessary and if it is a not duplicate of 2.4 issue

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