NullPointerException requesting /_cat/indices


My production environment is running 9 java instances ES-1.5.2 with java8 in Ubuntu 64-bit.
I receive 500 code responses when I try to know the indexes stats requesting "/_cat/indices"

I use an indexTemplate and the last time I resolved deleting all indexes and IndexTemplates and then creating again the IndexTemplate and finally inserting data in indexes created by this IndexTemplate.

But these errors has appeared again. Anybody know how can I fix within delete the currently indexes?

The description from my environment and trobleshooting commands launched collected in

Thanks in advance,

Is there anything in the logs that correlates?

Yes, it seems there is, I published here:

Have you altered your threadpool settings at all?

Solved! The clock from 3 nodes was wrong , it was in the future (master included) . I'm not totally sure it was the root cause. First of all, I fixed clock problem enabling ntpd in all nodes and finally after restart the master the problem dissapear.

for other hand, i didn't modified the threadpool.

Thank you for your help warkolm!