Upgrade from 1.0.3 to 1.1.2 and cat shards (and cat indices) give NullPointerException during upgrade

(Christopher Crammond) #1

Has anyone observed a problem when upgrading from ElasticSearch 1.0.3 to
1.1.2 regarding the cat shards (or cat indices)? We recently rolled this
out in one of our environments and experienced a NullPointerException (NPE)
for some of the cat API calls (for instance: cat/shards or cat/indices).
The good news is that this went away once all nodes were on the same

My question: is it correct to assume that this is expected behavior? Also,
is there anything that I could do to mitigate this (upgrade faster ;)?

Problems experienced were with:


Oddly, cat/indices/my-index?H did return the expected values (or at least
when I tested it did).

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