503 Service Unavailable at search

Hi, Im trying to access my cluster from the web to be able to show my index using flexmonster, at this point all goes great. I manage to connect and access all my information, the problem is that... for example i can access and show all the fields except for one. When i do a petition to get 'x' file i can sucesfully recieve it, but when im trying to get another field, present in the same place i got a 503 Service Unavailable in my browser.

I got the error 503 Service Unavailable with the URL and the port it is using to get the information, when i click the information i got access to a json with the next format =
(In hits i got all the information im looking for i just cut it because its sensitive)

I can list anything except for this value that is a string, not quiet sure what the problem is. maybe the request for this specific value is to big and it can't handle it? Why i can handle anything except that one? Thanks in advance

What version are you using?

Get that where exactly?

Im currently using elasticsearch 7.11.

What flexmonster do is that it request a JSON with the information from the index, all the fields or we can call them documents are inside of it, for example name, second_name ect.

For example i can easly access name, but i cant acces second_name i get a 503.

What do your Elasticsearch logs show?

Where i can access elasticsearch logs?

Usually /var/log/elasticsearch/.

This is what i get

Ahh you're on Elastic Cloud!

In that case there's something that the proxy doesn't like about the request. If you are getting this in a browser, can you take a look at your browser's Dev Tools and see what it's saying?

Thanks for your help, how can i access browser dev tools?

Depends on your browser, but it's usually under the tools menu.

image There you go, i cut the first part becouse the url, but it says failed to load resource : URL.

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