6.4.0: Field Type Conflict Resolution

After upgrading Kibana from 6.3.1 to 6.4.0, I have realized that resolving the field type conflicts has become unnecessary difficult. Management / Kibana / Indices does not show the actual conflict anymore, just useless info that there is a conflict somewhere

It used to show more detailed information on the types the field in question had in different indices, like that

Is there some new way of getting the same info that I cannot find or it is a regression in 6.4.0 release?

@jen-huang - do you know about this? Maybe a bug from the angular -> react conversion, or intentional? I do see the reference to field type conflict in 6.3. No such string in 6.4.

This looks like a 6.4 regression. The main index pattern view will show a warning icon for the field that has conflicts, but the details on edit field page was unintentionally removed. I've opened #22504 for this bug.

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