Mapping Conflict with several types

Hi guys,

I'm facing this issues in Data View,

Mapping conflict

A field is defined as several types (string, integer, etc) across the indices that match this pattern. You may still be able to use these conflict fields in parts of Kibana, but they will be unavailable for functions that require Kibana to know their type. Correcting this issue will require reindexing your data.

syslog_timestamp -> date, text (Conflict)

It require reindexing my data.
But I already deleted the indices which is conflict data inside.
But the conflict still there.

Any idea how to resolve this?

Hello @wcpoon - Which version of the elastic stack are you running?

Could you capture a har file which includes the request fields_for_wildcard? It will provide useful debugging info.


Hi @mattkime, I'm running in 8.1.2 now.
I already resolved the issues. :slight_smile:

@wcpoon mind if you share what solved it? thx!

I assigned to another field and different types.

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