6.4 to 7.3, After Upgrade Elasticsearch uses 50% more Disk storage

I am using ES 6.4 and after full indexing its size is 64GB for the Geo shapes index.
then I did all the code migrations and did the full indexing using ES 7.3 setup.
now that index size is 97GB. Is this an expected change? I can see Geo related changes on release notes. but this size is huge. any reasons?


In order to understand what is going on, could you share the mapping of your geo_shape field?


Hi @Ignacio_Vera This gist contains mapping and settings of that index.
thanks for your time.

From your mappings, you are using new the indexing strategy based on vectorisation of shapes on top of Lucene BKD tree. In general we expect smaller index sizes, in particular when using prefix trees with high precision which is not your case.

Having a look into your mappings, are you using geo_shape field to index points? if so, have you consider using geo_point instead?

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