64 fields limitation in 7.16.3


How can we increase the Schema Fields limit in 7.16.3 release?

Thank You.

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Do you mean the number of fields in an index?

Thank you for your reply, Yes number of fields in an index.

Currently, we are getting the following error message while indexing the document in for appSearch.

    "id": "doc-624ac885d93a53d96868d287",
    "errors": [
      "Schema cannot have more than 64 fields, got 73"

and the document (Limits | Elastic App Search Documentation [8.2] | Elastic).

Ahh App Search, let me move this then.

Pretty sure this is configurable! Check out the "app_search.engine.total_fields.limit" setting in Configuration | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [8.2] | Elastic

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