7.15 for multi_terms

i used elaticsearch for 7.9.3 ,when I need a method that i can group by multi fields in my aggregations . I find that multi_terms can combine multi fields and help me complete my aggregation .So I upgrade my dependency with 7.15.0.when i finished my dependencies .i can not use MultiTermsAggregations.who can tell me why it doesn`t work? :see_no_evil:


What do you mean by "it does not work"?

Any sample code/data to share?

Thanks for your reply . It means that no class of multi_terms aggregation operation found in the dependency of 7.15.0, such as MultiTermsAggregation .

I want to find a class whose value of name attribute is multi_ terms,what's frustrating is that i can not.I hope it appears in this package (org.Elasticsearch.search.aggregations.bucket) or in other bags I can't find.

I just find MultiTermsAggregation class I needed in the test class of x-pack under the source file warehouse where GitHub is elaticsearch.

The usage rate of version 7.15 in China is very low. Almost no information about version 7.15 can be found on Chinese websites, especially things similar to those added in the recent version, such as multi_ terms.

Is it just for kibana, as my colleagues guessed, so there is no open API for ordinary users, or is it a paid function?

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