[7.16] Enabling Elastic APM Server on Kibana


I just deployed a brand new ES/Kibana/Fleet cluster and have setup my agents just fine. I decided to start using the APM Server integration inside Elastic Agent since I am already using it for everything else. I've noticied that if I go inside APM Settings in Kibana, I am unable to activate the new indices pattern. Please view screenshot under.

Is this feature only available to Elastic Cloud customers?

Thank you,


Hi Philippe,
the APM Integration managed by Elastic Agent was released as GA in 7.16 and can be used also for On-Prem installations. The integrated Switch to Elastic Agent is only available on cloud though, as the Elastic Cloud can take care of automatically shutting down the standalone APM Server binary and adding the APM Integration to start up the managed APM Server.

On Prem, you have to manually configure the APM Integration and add it to the Agent policy to which you are enrolling your Elastic Agent(s). Once you are all set with the APM Integration, you shoud shut down the standalone APM Servers that you had running. Please find more details in the updated Quick Start Guide for 7.16.

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