Enable APM on Kibana

Hi i wish enable APM to use with Node.js, but my connection with server is a service hosted kibana and we cant connect by terminal... i can enable APM by DEV TOOLS on Kibana ?

Are you running a hosted version of Kibana on Elastic Cloud?


We do currently not offer a fully hosted version of APM on Elastic Cloud (this is something we're planning to do, but I can't say when it will be ready).

However, if you can run the APM Server yourself, you can configure it to store data in your Elasticsearch cluster on Elastic Cloud.

This way you can collect APM data, query it, create custom dashboards etc.

But a big part of the APM experience is the dedicated APM app inside Kibana. Because we do not yet officially offer APM on Elastic Cloud, we do not show it in the left hand menu in Kibana, and we do not offer any support for it either of course. But if you're feeling adventurous, you can still access it via the URL. Just type the path /app/apm in the address bar of your browser and you should see the APM UI.

is there any way we can +1 a feature request for hosted apm server? im currently running my own but would love to have the option of spinning up a server as part of the cloud deployment.

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@leemason Hosted APM Server is currently under development and we'll offer it on Elastic Cloud, but we don't have a release date yet. Keep an eye out for it on our blog.

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