Elastic Cloud Kibana & APM UI


I was under the impression following the last comment from APM UI in Elastic Cloud Kibana that we should see APM UI on Kibana now that the 6.3 is out.

At the moment, with a brand new deployment, I don't and I couldn't find a way to turn it on. Is there something special to do ?


For anyone interested, I got a response from Elastic Cloud support:

APM is expected to be available in Cloud with version 6.4 which will release later this month.

I've recently upgraded our Elastic Cloud cluster to 6.4.0 but i still don't get the APM UI in Kibana.
I have sent APM data to the cluster and can see it in the individual dashboards that come with apm-server.
I could not see anywhere to turn the APM UI app on in Kibana.

Update: I've realised that it only upgraded Elastic Search to 6.4.0, Kibana is still version 6.3.2. I'm not sure if this is expected.

Update 2': I raised a support ticket and now i was able to upgrade Kibana to 6.4.0. After upgrading, i can't see APM in left menu (tried logging out and even to log from another browser) but can go directly to APM app but changing URL to "app/apm#" and can now access the APM UI in 6.4.0.

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