APM UI not showing in Kibana

  • My Kibana stopped for some reason and when I restarted it, APM UI isn't showing up. Here's my configuration. Kibana (Version: 6.2.3) and APM-Server (Version 6.2.3) are running on same server.

  • As you can see from attached screenshot, APM isn't showing on left pane. It use to before Kibana got restarted

Vaid, Abhishek

@vaidabhishek Thanks for using APM. Can you please:

  1. Confirm x-pack is installed kibana-plugin list
  2. share any modifications you've made to the kibana config
  3. check the kibana logs for relevant details
  • The issue was Kibana and x-pack version were not right.
  • Can't this be detected clearly in log files ?

I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue. I'll pass the feedback on the kibana team, thank you for the report.

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